Privacy Policy

Alpine may ask customers to register their personal information upon user registration or when visiting our web site. This section describes our policies for handling and protecting the personal information that we acquire.

1. Protection and management of personal information

Personal information refers to a customer's first name, surname, address, age, date of birth, phone number, email address or other information that positively identifies the customer. Alpine complies with all applicable laws relating to personal information and implements the following measures for its protection under a proper management system:

  • * We have staff in charge of personal information protection in all sections that handle such information to ensure that the information is managed properly.
  • * The information is placed under strict control so that it cannot be accessed by those not having proper access authorization. The access authorization is given only to those persons that are required to access the information for operational reasons.

2. Collecting personal information

We may ask for a customer's personal information in the circumstances listed below. In all cases, we will clearly state the reasons to collect the information and ask for only necessary information.

  • * User registration for an Alpine product
  • * Responses to various questionnaires
  • * Registration for maintenance services for Alpine products
  • * Registration for various prize lotteries or events
  • * Orders for accessories and content data for Alpine products.

In all cases, we clearly state our reasons for collecting the information in our "Terms of Use."

3. Purposes of use of personal information

Customers' personal information is used for the following purposes:

  • * To send notifications and questionnaires by post or email.
  • * To ship prizes and merchandise in response to returned questionnaires or applications to prize lotteries.
  • * For communication and confirmation of a customer's inquiry.

General web access information gathered on our web site (domain name, length of visit, browser type, etc.) are used for statistical analyses and decision making to improve the usability of our site.

4. Disclosure of personal information

We take steps to properly manage the information provided by our customers. We will not disclose the information to any third party unless one of the following applies:

  • (1) Customer consents to disclosure.
  • (2) We are required to disclose the information to a contracted entity to perform operations that were clearly represented to the customer as the purpose of the use of the information. In such case, we will make a contract with the entity on the handling of the information to prevent leakage and reuse of the information.
  • (3) We disclose the information in a manner that is impossible to identify the customer.
  • (4) We are legally required to disclose the information.
  • (5) We must disclose the information to ensure continuity of our operations in the event of a merger, corporate separation or transfer of sales operations.

5. Inquiries

Please contact us at the link below to confirm, change or delete your personal information. We will take identification procedures and accommodate your request within reasonable bounds. If there is an error in your personal information, we will take identification procedures on your request and correct or delete the inaccurate or old information as quickly as possible within reasonable bounds.