Radio wave testing in order to realize highly sensitive tuner reception

There are many radio waves in the air that provide various forms of information. What we need is the technology that enables us to accurately capture the waves that we need.

Radio wave tests in order to realize highly sensitive tuner reception

Car tuners must be able to accurately pick up a desired frequency from among the many radio waves, such as those from mobile equipment, that bombard the vehicle. To measure reception accurately, we must establish a testing environment where we are able to eliminate all unwanted radio waves.

Alpine operates one of the few RF-shielded anechoic chambers in Japan. It is as large as a small music hall and is fitted with about 1,800 radio-wave-absorbent ferrite tiles designed to shut out incoming radio waves. In addition to measuring the effects of radio waves that radiate from the vehicle itself, we can rotate the vehicle on a large turntable and configure the angle relative to the measuring antenna to a range of between 3 and 30 meters. This allows us to measure radio waves from the vehicle itself, the effects of radio waves on the vehicle, and examine how they affect reception of the antenna and tuner.

Trusted by automakers around the world, Alpine's highly sensitive tuners are refined through rigorous testing at these state-of-the-art facilities.