Durability and shock tests to ensure high-quality

Moving beyond the simple aim of preventing breakage, Alpine strives to maintain maximum durability and consistently high quality.

Durability and shock tests to ensure high-quality

Alpine's customers demand consistently high performance from Alpine products.

To that end, we have adopted the use of a ""durability test robot,"" which conducts tests to verify our ability to maintain this quality for our customers for a long time. An example is its ability to conduct continuous on/off switching tests. This robot is capable of toggling a switch repeatedly for 365 days a year, thereby enabling us to test our products under exceptionally harsh conditions—much more demanding than that in the real world.

We also conduct shock tests that subject our products to the severe, unrelenting force that occurs during a fall. These tests are an important part of achieving high durability and quality in our products—something that our customers recognize in long-term use.