Realizes optimal acoustical characteristics for each in-car seat.

IMPRINT EQ technology comprehensively improves the in-car audio experience through the elimination of various obstructions to sound quality, by not only balancing the frequency response but also executing fine-tuning in the time domain. With the introduction of IMPRINT EQ, in-car audio tuning technology is brought to a new level from conventional technologies that primarily focus on frequency characteristics.

The tuning process of IMPRINT EQ is both fast and systematic. First, it identifies problems by measuring both the time and frequency characteristics in the vehicle. It then creates a correction filter for each speaker unit to resolve them. As a result, well-balanced sound is produced for a maximum of six seats in terms of sound field, resolution and frequency.

This advanced equalization is made possible through the use of FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters, which use more than 500 coefficients throughout the entire frequency range. Frequency response optimization is enabled by creating inverse filters for each point using a unique Wave Warping algorithm that recognizes peaks and dips as a series of coefficients in response to out-of-balance frequency response caused by the vehicle’s interior construction and materials.

In addition, a unique correction algorithm resolves the reduction in sound resolution and clarity that occurs when the direct sound from a speaker reaches the listener’s ears at the same time as reflected and diffracted sounds within the vehicle. Also on-board is an auto-setup feature for low-frequency crossovers that divides the frequency range between the main system and the subwoofer, helping to create a distinctive and well-balanced sound.