Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2015

Gold Award Winner

Alpine AV Navigation BigX / BigX Premium Series
(EX10 / EX9 / EX8 / X9 / X8 Series)


The Alpine™ BigX and BigX Premium series has won the prestigious Gold Award at the Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2015, sponsored by Auto Sound, a specialist magazine for in-car audio and AV equipment.

The Auto Sound Web Grand Prix is judged by panel of five critics and editors, who select the best products to hit the car audio market that year. The most important criteria in the judging is sound quality. Alpine™ car navigation systems won Grand Prix prizes three years in a row in 2009 (VIE-X08), 2010 (VIE-X088) and 2011 (VIE-X088V). Now Alpine™ has won the top Gold Award for the fourth year running since 2012 with the VIE-X008, VIE-X008V, EX1000 and the EX10 in 2015.

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