Conveying the feeling expressed by the artist as sound.

The feelings an artist puts into music are concentrated in the sound source. No elaborate epithets, no wordy introductions can approach the power of the sound source.
At Alpine, our mission is to faithfully convey those feelings to the listener. Following a thorough review of materials and structure, we have redesigned our DDLinear speakers, which were first introduced in 2002 to wide acclaim from audiophiles for their excellent dynamic range and stable drive characteristics. We have now taken one more significant step in our journey toward ever more realistic sound reproduction.

We focused our attention on the heart of any speaker—the cone. Hard carbon shellac coating—containing an admixture of hard carbon materials—was applied to a multi-layer hybrid fiber cone, in which alternate strata of two materials with different physical properties are fused into a single material, overcoming material-specific idiosyncrasies and achieving more natural sound reproduction.

The efficiency of the tweeter voice coil was also improved by removing the grille, ordinarily attached to the tweeter, and making use of a DUET (Dual Emission Tweeter) ring equalizer. In addition to lowering the off-axis angle-dependent sound quality loss, this enabled clearer delivery of mid-high frequencies. Finally, we improved the sense of speed and expanded the dynamic range.

Alpine strives for maximum linearity in its speakers to bring to life the original music of the artist.

Whatever the frequency band or input power, the speakers’ amplitude is always balanced and precisely proportional to the input. To further enhance the reproducibility of the artist’s intended sound, Alpine carried out a fundamental review of the speakers’ linearity.

Thanks to DDLinear Magnetic Circuitry and the distinctive make-up and shape of the Double Gathered Edge surround, developed over the course of a decade since the speaker’s debut, the linearity of the drive and support systems has been improved. By redesigning every part from this new perspective, rich sound reproduction quality has been realized.

DDLinear Magnetic Circuitry

A dual-gap, single-coil structure provides powerful control over the dense and rigid voice coil, equipped with a uniform radial field magnet with two magnetic gaps. Coupled with the use of square-wire conductors in the coil system, this produces high-speed sound with low distortion.

Double Gathered Edge

For the surround connecting the cone to the frame, we employed a Double Gathered Edge, which ensures consistent speaker movement even when driven by very ‘hot’ signals. By dramatically improving the back-and-forth symmetry, we eliminated unwanted vibration and achieved superb bass reproduction.

Dual Emission Tweeter

By deploying different diameter coil on the inner and outer circumferences of the ring-dome cone of this innovative model, we simultaneously realized two disparate functions: the natural elasticity of a soft-dome tweeter and the fast responsiveness of a horn tweeter. Resonances are mutually canceled out, and the tweeter delivers unprecedented dynamic range at high frequencies.

Tunable Compact Network Superior tuning features.

Phase switch feature

Due to the specific conditions of speaker location inside the car cabin, the distance between woofers and tweeters can desynchronize their performance. Since phase cancellation would distort the sound when the speakers are operating out-of-phase, we have introduced a feature that inverts and synthesizes the tweeter phase, thus reproducing the original waveform.

Five-level tuning feature

Should the distance between woofers and tweeters or the tweeter angle cause a disjuncture in the sound volume, the five-level tuning feature enables woofers to be adjusted accordingly.
While the listening environment differs by vehicle type, we have provided optimal settings for each, making possible authentic and active sound field reproduction for naturally flowing sound.

Hybrid filters: In pursuit of greater linearity

Use of top-quality hybrid high-pass filters

Alpine hybrid filters combine the speed and subtlety of high-transient film capacitors with the power and dynamism of large-scale film capacitors. Whatever the characteristics of the source sound, high-fidelity reproduction is assured.

Attenuator circuitry for high-quality sound

The resistor is formed by means of a silver pattern on the substrate. By eliminating noise and loss, even higher sound quality is achieved.

Separate two-way speakers DDL-R170S / R160

  1. DDLinear Magnetic Circuitry
  2. DX-Ring (Dynamic Expander Ring)
  3. SH Double Gathered Edge Surround
  4. Multi-layer Hybrid Fiber Cone + Carbon Shellac Coating
  5. Billet Machined Aluminum Phase Plug
  6. Aramid-Reinforced Bobbin
  7. Square-Wire Voice Coil
  8. Progressive Linear Damper
  9. High-rigidity Aluminum Die-Cast Frame

Separate two-way speakers DDL-R170C / R160C

  1. DDLinear Magnetic Circuitry
  2. DX-Ring (Dynamic Expander Ring)
  3. SH Double Gathered Edge Surround
  4. Multi-layer Hybrid Fiber Cone + Carbon Shellac Coating
  5. Aramid-Reinforced Bobbin
  6. Square-Wire Voice Coil
  7. Progressive Linear Damper
  8. High-rigidity Aluminum Die-Cast Frame