AST (Adaptive Surround Technology)

Brings to life an unprecedented surround-sound experience.

AST (Adaptive Surround Technology) is a technology that creates natural-sounding, high-quality 5.1-channel surround sound from 2-channel sources. It fundamentally differs from conventional technologies that create surround sound using simple algorithms based solely on left and right channel signal components.

AST creates rear surround sound signals using an adaptive filter to extract the subtle differences between the left and right channels in stereo sources. Extracting the maximum detail from the recorded source, the system generates a wide soundstage, reproducing instruments and vocals with incredible presence.

The result is surround sound that is superior both in terms of quality and localization, providing a more natural and less fatiguing experience. Surround/center channels are generated by extracting the correlated and de-correlated components of momentarily varying stereo input signals using high-precision ADFs (Adaptive Digital Filters).

AST improves the listening experience by eliminating the negative impacts to the front soundstage, such as ambiguities in center channel localization.