Digital Amplifier

Surpasses analog amplifiers in terms of frequency range and S/N ratio.

Digital Class D amplifiers are characterized by their light weight and high power output. A further advantage is their low power consumption. As full-fledged audio amplifiers, however, it is often claimed they do not match analog amplifiers in terms of sound quality.

By eliminating the shared feed line and ground line in the circuitry, Alpine has connected each line directly to each block and signal path. The system uses Alpine’s unique S.T.A.R. Circuit, which eliminates blurring caused by changes in signal current and mutual interference between circuits. The result is clear, low-distortion sound with total harmonic distortion of less than 0.02% and an improved S/N ratio.

What’s more, by using Alpine’s unique feedback circuitry, a high damping factor, broad dynamic range and precise tracking have been realized. The unit’s compact size means excellent installation flexibility, while the absence of missing or delayed audio signal components enables faithful reproduction of the source music.