Basic policies on profits distribution and dividends

Alpine regards returning corporate profits to shareholders as an important feature of its business operations. Its basic policy is to determine the distribution of profits on a consolidated basis with consideration given to a proper balance among the three; returning profits to shareholders, proactive investment on R&D and facilities for enhancing competitiveness, and internal reserves directed toward future business growth.
Based on this policy, the year-end dividend for the fiscal year ended Mar.2016 is ¥15 per share, reflecting the performance trend and financial strength. As Alpine paid an interim dividend of ¥15 per share, the annual dividend is therefore ¥30 per share.
And in the 51st term, a midterm dividend of 15 yen/share will be paid (payment starting date: from November 30). The end of term dividend is undecided at this time as a result of a downward adjustment of predicted performance throughout the term. When the possibility comes for disclosing a dividend prediction based on a comprehensive consideration of business performance throughout the term, it will be announced promptly.

Changes in Dividend per share