Basic policies on profits distribution and dividends

While striving to maintain long-term stable dividend payment to shareholders, the Company’s basic policy is to determine the distribution of profits on a consolidated basis with consideration given to a proper balance among the following three points: 1) returning profits to shareholders, 2) proactive investment on R&D and facilities for enhancing competitiveness, and 3) internal reserves directed toward future business growth.

In line with this policy, considering trends in business performance and the financial position, the company has set the fiscal year-end dividend for the 50th term at ¥15 per share.Consequently, combined with the interim dividend of ¥15 per share, which has already been paid, the total dividend for the fiscal year is ¥30 per share. Also, for the 51st term, ¥15 per share is paid as the interim dividend, and the forecast fiscal year-end dividend is undecided, but under the “Notification concerning revision of consolidated results forecasts and dividend forecasts” of January 27 of the present year, it has been announced to be ¥15 per share. Consequently, the total dividend forecast for the fiscal year is ¥30 per share.

Changes in Dividend per share