Medium-Term CSR Plan

Alpine promotes CSR activities utilizing the PDCA cycle based on our medium-term plan.

Medium-term priority issues

Medium-Term CSR Plan

CSV activities Improvement of shared corporate and social value (CSV)
Common issues of CSR subcommittees Strengthening of consolidated CSR efforts
Establishment of PDCA cycle for priority issues and regular review
Activities of each CSR subcommittee [See the table below]

Approaches by area

Subcommittee Main Undertakings in Fiscal 2015 Related Page
Consumer Subcommittee (1) Realization of long-term support for OEM and development of LCD recycling technology to reduce the environmental load
(2) Improvement of telephone contact for customers and our customer support through the posting of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our products and providing callers with information on wait times on our website
Environmental Management Subcommittee (1) Promoting environmentally friendly designs through the selection of materials and the standardization of parts (product size and weight reduction, energy saving, etc.)
(2) Implementation of environmental load reduction activities with the participation of all employees (lower luminance lighting campaign, etc.)
Supply Chain Subcommittee (1) Implementation of environmental load reduction activities throughout the global supply chain in line with the publication of Alpine Green Procurement Standards (12th version)
(2) Conducting surveys on conflict minerals throughout the supply chain in cooperation with suppliers
Risk Management Subcommittee (1) Global standardization of the disaster control initial response manual
(2) Development of the environment to obtain Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) certification for major production bases
Labor Environment/Society Subcommittee 1) Considering the implementation of a new system designed by the Work-Life Balance Committee to improve employee working conditions
(2) Considering the expansion of new female graduate hires and implementation of seminars on career design for women aiming to expand opportunities for female employees to exercise their abilities
Internal Control Subcommittee (1) Compliance with the revised Companies Act, and creation of a corporate governance code
(2) Development and assessment of internal control regarding financial reports
RC Subcommittee (1) Enhancement of global cooperation for RC activities
(2) Provision of education on compliance
Information Management Subcommittee (1) Promoting an increase in the level of information management throughout our supply chain
(2) Establishment of an IT environment capable of flexibly and safely handling a wide range of business styles