TuneIt App for iPhone® The all-new TuneIt app turns your iPhone® into an interface for custom sound tuning and more!

The all-new TuneIt app turns your iPhone® into an interface for custom sound tuning and more!


Tuning Menu

Sound Tuning Right from Your iPhone®

Download the AlpineTuneIt app and connect your iPhone® via USB to an Alpine TuneIt app ready head unit. Your iPhone® instantly becomes a sound tuning interface. As you change settings on the iPhone®, you hear the results, so you can customize the sound exactly as you want it. Sound tuning choices include: 6-channel Digital Time Correction, 9-Band Parametric EQ, and Crossovers.
In addition, Radio customization will customize your Alpine Radio with Alpine recommended sound settings, opening screen and screen color for your specific vehicle.
(Check the list of Alpine Radios that support Radio Customization to find out if yours is compatible)

BASS ENGINE SQ technology

The Alpine TuneIt app now also links to Alpine's BASS ENGINE SQ technology in the new head units. You can control BASS ENGINE SQ settings within the app and also select the Alpine speaker models that you are using in your car, so the sound settings will automatically to match your system. For quicker setting, five BASS ENGINE SQ presets are provided.
With your vehicle and speakers entered into the TuneIt app, you can easily download Alpine recommended, vehicle and system specific, sound settings that are optimized for your set up.

Share Your Sound Settings with Other Alpine Fans

After tuning your system, upload your settings to the Alpine Cloud Server to share them with other Alpine fans. You can also check out other user's settings and rate them. Download high rated or interesting settings and try them in your car. The database will keep growing so check back often to see new ones.

Note1:Due to Facebook policy change, removed Facebook notification function from Alpine TuneIt app
Notes2:Applying these Radio Customization settings will overwrite the settings on your Alpine Radio.
- If adjustments were previously made to the Rear View Camera Guidelines, please readjust them after applying the Radio Customization settings.
- If adjustments were previously made to the sound tuning, you will need to readjust it after applying the Radio Customization settings.

TuneIt FAQTuneIt FAQ

The Alpine TuneIt App does not work with Alpine Radio. How can I connect Alpine radio and the Alpine TuneIt App?
First, you need to be sure that the App connection method in the radio setting menu is set correctly. iPhones connect via USB, Android Smartphones connect via BT (Bluetooth)
(Please see radio's owner's manual for more details)

Once you have selected the correct App Connection Method, make sure to turn the ignition off, and then on to reset the radio. (All memory will be retained)

For iPhone users, please connect USB cable.
Please refer to the "Phone to Radio Connection Tutorial" on the Alpine TuenIt App home screen for connection instructions.
What is demo mode?
In demo mode, you can make demo the app without making any real adjustments to the radio. In order to get out of demo mode, please connect the mobile device to the Alpine radio.
How can I find a tuning for my car?
Log in and enter your vehicle information. Then go to "by Car Type" under Find Tunings and select "My Car".
Why am I having a trouble creating my account?
When you create your Alpine TuneIt user account, you will receive a verification email to the registered email account.
If you did not receive the email, please check your junk mail folder or contact Alpine Technical support for more information.


  • Parametric EQ (All)
  • Parametric EQ (Mid)
  • Time Corrections
  • Crossover
  • Search
  • Bass Engine SQ

How to Read an Official Alpine Tuning TitleHow to Read an Official Alpine Tuning Title

Car model or type

*If no car is displayed, the tune is not vehicle specific.

Pickup Truck
: Truck
Mid-Full Size Sedan
: Sedan
Compact Sedan
: Compact
: Truck
: Hatchback
: Wagon
: Minivan
Convertible (2 seater)
: Cnvrtbl2
Convertible (4 seater)
: Cnvrtbl4


*If General is displayed, the tune is not genre specific.

Electric Dance
General Use
Hip Hop
Easy Listening

Subwoofer size

: No Subwoofer
: Less than 10inch
: 10inch or more

Listening Position

:Center of car (for all listeners)
:Front Center
:Front Left seat
:Front Right seat
:Rear Center seat
:Rear Left
:Rear Right

Connection to your radioConnection to your radio


Connect via USB

*For more info about connecting to the USB port,
please refer to your radio manual

*iPhone 10 Shown

Compatible Alpine Radios
*Support Radio Customization

For United States

  • X209-WRA-OR New
  • X209-WRA
  • I209-WRA
  • I207-WRA
  • I209-GM
  • X208U
  • INE-W977HD
  • ILX-F309 New
  • ILX-207
  • X109-WRA
  • X110-SLV
  • X110-SRA
  • X108U
  • INE-W967HD

For Europe

  • X903D-F New
  • X703D-F New
  • X803D-U New
  • X703D-Q5 New
  • X703D-A5 New
  • X703D-A4 New
  • X903D-G7 New
  • X903D-OC3 New
  • X903D-G6 New
  • X903D-V447 New
  • X903-ID New
  • X903D-S906 New
  • X903D-DU2 New
  • X903D-DU New
  • X902D-F
  • X702D-F
  • X702D-Q5
  • X702D-A5
  • X702D-A4
  • X902D-G7
  • X902D-OC3
  • X902D-G6
  • X902D-V447
  • X902-ID
  • X902D-S906
  • X902D-DU2
  • X902D-DU
  • X902D
  • X902DC-F
  • i902D
  • i902D-ISZ
  • iLX-F903D New
  • iLX-702D
  • INE-W720D
  • INE-W611D
  • INE-W710D
  • INE-710DC
  • X802D-U
  • X802DC-U
  • X802D
  • X702D
  • X901D
  • X801D-U
  • X701D
  • INE-W997D

For Asia Pacific

  • X208AU
  • INE-W977
  • iLX-F309E New
  • iLX-702D

For Australia

  • X901D
  • iLX-F309E New
  • X108AU
  • iLX-702D

For China

  • X109-WRA
  • iLX-F309E New

Compatible Alpine Radios

For United States

  • INE-W960HDMI
  • iLX-107
  • i109-WRA
  • INE-W960
  • INE-W960S
  • X009-GM2
  • X009-RAM
  • X009-TND
  • X009-WRA
  • X009-GM
  • X009-FD1
  • X009-FD2
  • X009-U
  • X008U
  • INE-W957HD
  • iLX-007
  • IVE-W555BT
  • CDE-W265BT
  • CDE-164BT
  • CDE-163BT
  • CDE-154BT
  • CDE-153BT
  • UTE-62BT
  • UTE-52BT
  • CDE-HD149BT
  • CDE-HD148BT
  • CDE-147BT

For Europe

  • INE-W990HDMI
  • INE-W990BT
  • X800D-V
  • X800D-ML
  • X800D-U
  • INE-W987D
  • iLX-700
  • IVE-W585BT
  • CDE-W296BT
  • CDE-196DAB
  • CDE-195BT
  • CDE-193BT
  • CDE-185BT
  • CDE-183BT
  • CDE-178BT
  • CDE-177BT
  • CDE-175R
  • UTE-93DAB
  • UTE-92BT
  • iDE-178BT

For Asia Pacific

  • iLX-107
  • INE-W960E
  • X009E
  • X008EU
  • INE-W957E
  • iLX-007E
  • IVE-W554EBT
  • CDE-W265EBT
  • CDE-164EBT
  • CDE-163EBT
  • CDE-154EBT
  • CDE-153EBT
  • CDE-148EBT
  • CDE-147EBT
  • CDE-145E
  • UTE-62EBT

For Australia

  • iLX-107
  • INE-W960A
  • X008AU
  • INE-W957A
  • iLX-007E
  • IVE-W554ABT
  • CDE-W265EBT
  • CDE-164EBT
  • CDE-163EBT
  • CDE-154EBT
  • CDE-153EBT
  • CDE-148EBT
  • CDE-147EBT
  • CDE-145E
  • UTE-62EBT

For China

  • UTX-A09 PRO New
  • X009C-WRA
  • X009C-RAM
  • X009C-TND
  • X008D-ML
  • X008EU
  • CDx-A08
  • CDE-164EBT
  • CDE-153CBT
  • CDE-163EBT
  • UTE-62EBT